A postdoctoral Researcher from LabMAT carried out a stay at Swansea University in the United Kingdom
Date: September 26, 2022

Dr. Erik Alpizar-Reyes, Postdoctoral Researcher at the LabMAT, carried out a stay in the Chemistry Department of Swansea University (Wales, United Kingdom) during July and August 2022.

During his stay at Swansea University, he worked in the [M]artin-Martinez Lab under the supervision of the Associate Professor, Dr. Francisco Martin-Martinez. This research group is focused on computational chemistry and molecular modelling for the development of nature-inspired materials for a circular economy.

Dr. Alpizar-Reyes lead the FONDECYT Postdoctoral Research Project 3200227 funded by the Chilean National Research and Development Agency (ANID). The main objective of this project is the synthesis and characterisation of porous microcapsules from biological sources with controlled diffusion mechanisms of rejuvenating agents for optimal self-healing asphalt.

During his stay at the [M]artin-Martinez Lab, Dr. Alpizar-Reyes conducted a research focused on the experimental characterisation of biobased spore microcapsules (TGA and SEM tests) and Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations to study the behaviour of molecules of bitumen rejuvenators through cracked asphalt from the nanoscale to the mesoscale approach.

As a Research Group, we congratulate Dr. Alpizar-Reyes on this successful stay, and we thank Professor Francisco Martin-Martinez for all his support during the research stay.