Lignin-based recycled asphalt pavements: from nano-scale approach to large-scale application

Grant: FONDECYT Regular Research Project 1211009

Funding Agency: National Research and Development Agency (ANID), Chile

Principal Investigator: Alvaro Gonzalez (UC)

Co-principal Investigators: Nestor Escalona (UC), Jose Norambuena-Contreras (UBB) & Alain Tundidor (UC)

Project duration: 2021 to 2025 (48 months)

This research has two major objectives: (1) to understand from a multi-scale approach the lignin chemistry and its effects on bitumen by means of chemical, thermal, and mechanical laboratory characterization and (2) to assess the use of raw lignin and/or chemically modified lignin and RAP in asphalt mixtures and large-scale pavements by means of pavement engineering characterization. To achieve these two main objectives, a four-stage methodology from a nano-scale approach to a large-scale application is proposed.